PizzaFactory Loves Bitcoin Monacoin Core Developers

Hello cool crypto-currency developers,

We PizzaFactory Project started to provide Devfile to PizzaFactory/Camino users. New devfiles are shown in “Get Started” page like this.

The screenshot of “Get Started” page

The required tools have been installed. So everyone can start their node development rapidly.

Currently, the envrionment have some restrictions.

  • It have no debugging GUI support with GNU debugger. Only support CLI.
  • The version of Barkley DB is 5.x. Not 4.8.

We will improve to resolve these restrictions.

Devfile “Monacoin core” and “Bitcoin core” can be run on PizzaFactory/Camino banco ‘free beer’ version.

Please sign up and try via . And please ask us anyting on our Gitter channel.

Happy Hacking,