Started Crowdfunding for smart contracts support (IOST and EOS)

PizzaFactory Project and Monami-ya LLC, Japan is started the crowdfunding for supporting two famous smart contract platform, EOS and IOST.

Artifacts will be run on Eclipse/Che7 cloud IDE. Eclipse/Che7 is developped by members of Eclipse Foundation and some more OSS developers. All tools are expected to deployed in the cloud. So smart contract developers can build and check their code with their web browser only.

The member of this cloudfunding, Masaki Muranaka is a official committer on Eclipse/Che. And he is known as a blockchain engineer in Japan who developed “Lightning on Azure” and “DENRYU” system before.

The landing site is

Some screen-shots of beta versions are available on each site.

The end date of this funding event is the end of October, 2019.