PizzaFactory/Camino updates February,2021

We PizzaFactory Project made some improvement to our service “Camino”.

What’s improved?

Stable and quick booting workspaces

By refine our DNS services, your workspace will be booted 2 to 10 times faster. And this improvement extremely reduces booting failures with Server 'theia' in container 'theia-idead0' not available..

In addition, more containers are cached in our private repository. The download speed of the private repository is much faster than public repositories like DockerHub and Quay. This will affect to faster boot-up.

Our team is keeping to try faster boot-up. Please let us know if you have any troubles in booting your workspaces.

New dashboard

We applied new dashboard provided by upstream Eclipse/Che project.

New dashboard

Workspace resource monitor

We applied new ‘workspace resource monitor’ provided by upstream. This will help resolving issues caused by resource expiration.

Resource monitor

Please try and ask us!

We provide free-beer version of PizzaFactory/Camino banco edition for you.

Please try it and let us know how we can help your software development.